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Nylon Finesse

Quality products!


Quality products!

Nylon Finesse


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  • Garter belt for nylon belt stockings Gabriella Nancy

  • Belt Stockings Fiore Destin 20 Deniers

  • Belt Stockings Fiore Lola 20 Deniers

  • Belt Stockings Fiore Losange 20 Deniers

  • Thigh High Stockings Fiore MATIN 20 DEN

  • Belt Stockings Fiore Bruine 15 Den

  • Thigh High Stockings Fiore Coquette 15 Den

  • Belt Stockings Fiore Jardin 20 Den

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The history of nylon

Nylon exists today, it is thanks to the Du Pont de Nemours family and their political convictions. Royalists at the time of the French Revolution, they had to go into exile in the United States, where she founded a gunpowder factory, DuPont, which gradually turned into a chemical group.

In 1935, Mr. Wallace Hume Carothers, a graduate researcher from Harvard University, accidentally developed polyamide by petrochemical reaction; A revolutionary new plastic material with which it has been possible to manufacture elastic threads that are very resistant, do not fray and have a brilliant shine.

After debate, they opted for the name “nylon” which is pronounced the same way in British and American English. It was in 1938 that Du Pont de Nemours decided to patent this new synthetic fiber.

Nevertheless, the beginning of the Second World War disrupted the manufacture of raw materials and a shortage was felt: polyamide was the same basis for the manufacture of stockings as gunpowder and also parachute fabrics.

After the end of the war, nylon became a main material in the essential pieces of lingerie. The bottom gradually becomes a symbol of glamour, and even today thanks to its unparalleled properties, crosses time in the manufacture of tights and nylon stockings and remain classic is timeless.

The opacities of nylon: the deniers (DEN)

The opacity of nylon tights and stockings is classified with a unit of weight called the denier. The the fiber heavier, the higher the last one will be.

From 8 to 20 denier, nylon tights and stockings are very thin: their finesse are unparalleled, almost transparent, but sometimes are very ephemeral by their fragility which makes all the elegance of the product. Ideal for the summer season and for chic outfits.

From 25 to 40 denier, nylon tights and stockings are semi-opaque. They are more resistant than the previous ones. They are super popular for their practicality and modernity and can be worn in any season.

From 50 to 90 denier, nylon tights and stockings are opaque. Not launching by being the skin and resistant, they bring a touch of elegance and comfort for all occasions, especially during autumn freshness.

From 100 to 150 (and more) denier, nylon tights and stockings are totally opaque. These are the items we like the most in winter. As warm as pants, they will protect you from the winter cold and won’t stop you from wearing your favorite dresses.

Why wear nylon tights or stockings?

1. You will feel more elegant and beautiful

Nylon stockings are a powerful accessory that exudes sensuality and is seductive. Highlight your legs! Many women adopt it because they feel good, beautiful, elegant, sexy and for many factors that we will list here below. Use this accessory to seduce because it is extremely beautiful to see a woman with her outfit accompanied by a beautiful pair of nylon tights. It will give you sex appeal and you won’t go unnoticed everywhere you go. No one will be indifferent to this sensual and charming accessory.

2. It will keep you warm

With the cold temperatures in winter, it is possible to keep your dress and wear a pair of tights or nylon stockings with a higher denarius such as, for example, a 100 denier. Even on a hot day, it is possible to wear tights or thinner nylon stockings such as a 15 denier.

Even if it’s hot outside, when you’re in the office it’s cooler and you could always keep a pair with you at work.

3. If you are not shaved there will be no worries

Imagine that you have not shaved for a few days, there are no worries. You could continue to wear your dresses and wear nylon tights or stockings.

4. They are useful for several reasons

They prevent blisters on the feet. They prevent friction in the thighs. They will also preserve your pedicures because there will be less friction. In addition, they prevent blisters.

4. For intimate moments with your partner

During intimate moments wear nylon stockings accompanied by your favorite lingerie set. Your partner will be seduced. It will bring spice to your lovemaking!

5. Improve your figure and beautify your legs

Nylon tights can slim down and reshape your figure. In addition, they can hide blemishes such as, dry skin, wrinkles, varicose veins in your legs and etc. Highlight them!

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First of all, our goal is to help women feel good about themselves, feel beautiful and desired with class and finesse. For this, we have simplified the website as much as possible and have chosen the most elegant and refined models for all the moments of your daily life. You will not go unnoticed.

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Be elegant with Finesse!